DC Collectibles’ First Harleen Quinzel Figure, for Those Who Prefer More Buttoned-Down Crazy


The good news: if you love psychotic comic-book ladies but your types is the more modestly dressed librarian type, there’s now an action figure for that: Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the absurdly named alter-ego of Harley Quinn who has an entirely different accent and hair color. (Honestly, the swift transition between wigs and hair colors during identity switches is arguably the most unrealistic thing in comic books, up to and including talking raccoons.)

The bad news: you’ll have to buy her in a three-pack that also includes Lady Shiva and Electrocutioner.

The mitigating news: those figures aren’t so bad.

Prefer your Harley Quinn more traditional? A Bruce Timm “Mad Love” figure set is coming too.