Disney and Fox, Working Together, Bring You Star Wars Movie Digital Downloads


We’ve seen figure sets, signs at Walmart, and hastily removed blog posts that suggested this was on the way. Now, in a co-branded press release, there is confirmation – Lucasfilm, Disney and Star Wars are making all six Star Wars cinematic episodes available digitally starting April 10th. Yes, they are, as best we can tell, the Blu-ray cuts, so no non-firing Greedo or unblinking Ewoks. Each one will come with at least two new extras, however, as well as some previously released featurettes and deleted scenes. New “Discoveries From Inside” will focus on design elements like weapons, costumes and matte paintings, while “Conversations” focus on collaborators like Doug Chiang and Ben Burtt.

But the best news may be what isn’t said – the fact that Disney and Fox (who still own Empire and Jedi home entertainment rights, and own A New Hope forever) made this happen indicates they’re willing to work together on Star Wars stuff, and if the will were ever to exist, those non-Special Editions that first-gen fans like me keep hoping for no longer seem entirely impossible. Unlikely, as long as George Lucas lives and nobody wants to hurt his feelings…but not impossible.