Most Major Star Wars Celebration Panels Will Stream Live Online


This is an interesting wrinkle. I have a press pass and all, but the fan convention just made it all-but-irrelevant to be there in person, with the announcement that Thursday morning’s big trailer reveal, as well as panels featuring most of the big-name talents in attendance, will be viewable simultaneously to anyone with a computer.

Assuming the Internet holds up, of course, which is no sure thing at giant conventions. But it certainly makes you think that Comic-Con, ostensibly a non-profit, could head that direction as well, though again, since SDCC basically knocks the entire city of San Diego’s Internet access on its ass, some things may not be technologically possible.

Do this and put the trailers and/or clips online right afterward, and a lot of hurt feelings could be salvaged. But is it bad business, or is the added value of seeing a star in person still something folks will pay premiums for?