New Ghostbusters Select Louis Tully Figure Looks Like My Grandmother


I know what look they’re trying to go for here, but I think maybe the sculptors ought to have finessed the Gentle Giant scan a little more. I don’t look at this toy and think Rick Moranis – I think of my grandmother post-stroke, when she’d have to be gotten out of bed in barely buttoned clothes to do physical therapy

And here’s the damnable thing – you’re going to want to buy him anyway.

Why, you ask? It’s not because Louis is so awesome, or there aren’t other, better Rick Moranis figures out there. No, it’s because this is a Diamond Select figure that, as per their usual style, comes with a diorama base. All their Ghostbusters figures are coming with a diorama base. And with ALL TWELVE diorama bases, you’ll be able to build the rooftop scene! MWAHAHAHAHA! All their base are belong to you!

I feel like I just got slimed.

via Popcritica