New Poltergeist Trailer Looks (Appropriately) Like Evil Dead for Kids


…by which I basically mean Evil Dead without the blood and tree rape, because kids are the main victims here and Hollywood’s not going to make a movie that absolutely repulses people like that. The mayhem and the scares and the possession and all of that remains intact. And how nice is it that FOR ONCE, a movie about a family haunted pretty much within one house actually looks like it spent some money and doesn’t wait till the very end to show you the cool shit?

Joe Dante’s 3D movie The Hole already remade Poltergeist unofficially, but since it didn’t have the brand-name it wasn’t widely seen. The Sam Raimi/Rob Tapert connection is the only real factor of interest to me here, as it looks like their touch is all over things, and Drag Me to Hell had a blast being both scary and not R-rated.

Also, I finally agree with all y’all. The new clown is creepier. I concede.