New Tomorrowland Trailer, Now With Amputations! (Really)


Not satisfied with selling Tomorrowland as a Disney movie where kids stare at things in awe, the mouse house has released a new trailer that sells it as an action film, all severed limbs, big sci-fi guns and vehicle crashes, presumably in the hope that jaded teenage boys who think they’re too cool for a movie inspired by Disneyland might get fooled.

In addition, Imax theaters showing Age of Ultron will get an extended, six-minute preview in front of that movie, though at this point I’m thinking we don’t need to know any more plot points. But then I’m one of a select group for whom Brad Bird’s name is the biggest selling point. And you probably are too. So this is just a heads up to let you know how long of a bathroom break to have at the Imax theater to avoid potential spoilers.