Paranormal Activity Director’s Second Film, Due Six Years Ago, Is Finally Coming



I’ve interviewed Blumhouse’s Jason Blum three times over the years, and in every conversation, one of my go-to questions has been “When is Oren Peli’s Area 51 coming out?” His most recent answer was simply “You’d have to ask Oren Peli.” For whatever reason – but by implication, not one that was Blumhouse’s call – the alien-themed found-footage flick that was to capitalize on the success of the director’s breakout hit has not seen the light of day until now, six years after we thought we’d see it, and eight years after Paranormal. Based on the trailer, it’s conceivable that he was getting the effects just right on a budget, but also based on the trailer (UPDATE: YouTube version IS EMBEDDED BELOW), it looks like he’s been preempted by both The Signal and As Above So Below.

Area 51 opens May 15 on-demand and at Alamo Drafthouse theaters. Is it possible the last guy to really shake up the found-footage format can do so again?

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