Sesame Street Spoofs Game of Thrones, in Possible Sign of the Apocalypse


People on the Internet mashing up Sesame Street to gangsta rap – give it up. Actual Sesame Street has you beat for adult-themed incongruity, again.

Make no mistake – this is a wonderful parody.

It is also full of coded references to all the incest, poisonings, murders and so on that any parent who watches GoT will get. So I have to ask – when do we get Fifty Shades of Green with Oscar the Grouch? (I would be completely unsurprised to hear that it exists and I missed it.)

i also fear that in this world of “Chesteros,” a mortal feud is about to begin, due to House Grover hijacking Count Von Count’s function as the counting guy.

h/t SlyDante777