Tommy Wiseau’s Underwear Ad Does for Commercials What The Room Does for Cinema


You can take that headline any way you’d like. You can cry, you can laff, you can espress yurseff but pleeze doan hurt each udder.

One of the best things about the new sitcom The Neighbors is the way characters plug Tommy Wiseau underwear, and even spell out the website name where you can order it (look for yourself – I ain’t helping). Because nothing says “NOW she’ll totally bone you” like the name of a bleached-out vampire on your waist strap.

But at last, Tommy has filmed a commercial for his briefs. And it’s everything you’d hope it would be.

P.S. Anyone who tattoos the phrase “Casino Goals” up the side of their torso – unless that is somehow the name of a family member – can frankly be pegged as the HUGEST DOUCHE IN THE WORLD. But doan worry about it. You tink abou eberyting, haha.