Weekend Open Thread: Belated Winner Edition


Yes, yes, I’m super-late picking a Voices winner. Ask my writers how behind I am on invoicing sometimes.

At any rate, the winner of The Voices Blu-ray is BenCohen, whose mashup of comic strip and comic book produced this gem:

Alan Moore reboots “Beetle Bailey”. It is now a violent, graphic deconstruction not only of military culture, but of the way it is sensationalized and glorified by the media as a recruitment push. Beetle’s laziness is now primarily a result of drug use, PTSD from his first time in heavy combat, and a general desire to avoid the consequences of his enlistment in the Army, which he did out of high school assuming it would make him a hero. Sarge is so fixated on Beetle not because he is just a strict authority figure, but because he is a psychopath sexually obsessed with the perceived youth and defenselessness of his subordinate. That dog of his can’t really walk on two legs, and only wears military clothing because the last person who told Sarge to stop was mysteriously killed in a landmine-spotting exercise. The General is so inept because he is impotent. The blonde secretary is secretly manipulating the entire base to her anarchic whim, which will eventually culminate in the units stationed at Camp Swampy being called into battle. There, they will be defeated quickly by the never-specified enemy they have always been preparing to fight: The United States.

Ben, please email me your address. Everyone else talk amongst yourselves.