21 Awesome Cosplays From WonderCon Anaheim 2015

Fred Topel
Courtney of 2 Fresh Cosplay as a box of Nerds

My favorite part of conventions is the cosplay, and not because I like to see all the different excuses some women find to show more skin. I also love seeing little kids dress up. Wait, that sounds worse. What I mean is, I love the creativity people of all ages show, either with inventive props, obscure characters, or whimsical new takes on the classic comic books.

At WonderCon Anaheim last weekend, I went around taking cosplay photos. Where possible, I also gathered the social media info of the pictured cosplayers so we could follow them in the future. Take Courtney, above, one half of 2Fresh Cosplay (find them on Facebook), as a box of Nerds. That’s actually a dress they sell in stores, but it works on many levels at WonderCon.

1. Cortana

Fred Topel
Bianca (Flying Octophant) as Cortana by Cinema Makeup School

Poor Bianca was shivering in this Cortana costume because it is cold as fuck at WonderCon. This was a professional job from Cinema Makeup School artist Shy Mintz. Follow the artist @ItsDragonBlade and Bianca is on Facebook /FlyingOctophant. Send her a blanket.

2. The Guardians Family

Fred Topel
The Guardians Family

This family was awesome picking the three most difficult Guardians of the Galaxy characters to cosplay. The dad looks so tired taking a much needed rest as Groot, but the genius was making the adorable daughter into Rocket Raccoon. And then I had to explain to the mom that this photo is for Topless Robot, but don’t worry, it’s nothing dirty, it’s a legitimate website.

3. Indy and Willie

Fred Topel
Jennifer and Lito (@2MadLovers) as Indy and Willie

I give Jennifer and Lito double props for their Indiana Jones and Willie Scott costumes. One, it’s old school. Two, they chose the second-most-hated Indiana Jones film and supporting character and totally owned it. (Franchise Fred disagrees, by the way, hence my support for Willie cosplay.) Follow them @2madlovers.

4. The Fifth Element

Fred Topel
Corbin Dallas and Leeloo by @Boobs_Win

Remember The Fifth Element? This couple did, going as Corbin Dallas and Leeloo. They even made a Multi-Pass card for Leeloo. She’s @Boobs_Win on Instagram, and decided to wear shoes because you don’t want to walk barefoot on the convention floor. That’s even dirtier than the future.

5. Bane and Poison Ivy

Fred Topel
Munitia Marine (@roguespawn)as Poison Ivy and @_mcflifton87 as Bane

This Instagram couple cosplayed as Batman supervillains Bane and Poison Ivy, a bold choice from the Joel Schumacher Batman & Robin. Kidding – he looks like the Dark Knight Rises Bane. She’s is Munitia Marine (@roguespawn) and he’s Michael (@_mclifton87, because of course he’s the one you want to follow.)

6. Slave Leia

Fred Topel
Raychul Moore as Slave Leia

It wouldn’t be a comic book convention with Slave Leias. This one is Raychul, who you can follow on Twitter @theRaychul, and Facebook or YouTube /RaychulMoore.

7. Apocalypse

Fred Topel
Apocalypse by the Cinema Makeup School

This was the best shot I got all weekend of the full sized Apocalypse walking around WonderCon. He was always on the move and it seemed like once he got going, he couldn’t stop the momentum. I later learned that this was also designed by Cinema Makeup School, the ones who did the Cortana costume above too.

8. Barf

Fred Topel
Who wore it better?

Not only did at least two people choose John Candy’s Chewbacca spoof from Spaceballs, but one of them was a woman. So, who wore it better? Ricardo as traditional male Barf, or @MilynnSarley as gender-equal female Barf?

8. Wonder Woman

Fred Topel
Saya Yohnka as Wonder Woman

When it comes to the classic comic-book characters, there are always several basic costumes floating around. Wonder Woman, like Supergirl, is a go-to for many female cosplayers, so I just chose my favorite. Saya Yohnka (Instagram @SayaYohnka) had a genuinely warm attitude as Wonder Woman, not to mention that Lynda Carter look. Watching her stand and smile and take pictures with kids, I was just smitten by the blue-eyed brunette. Maybe it’s a maternal thing. Don’t tell Freud, please.

10. Bumblebee

Fred Topel
Vince Martinez, the San Diego Bumblebee

This was not the only Bumbelebee I saw walking the WonderCon floor, but it was the most elaborate. A combination of household items from toys and surround sound parts, steel and fiberglass, Vince Martinez had a full-body Autobot costume, complete with electronic blinking. On Facebook, he’s SanDiegoBumblebee but he probably wins the title for the whole world.

11. Red Sonja

Fred Topel
Kat Sheridan as Red Sonja, Red Kat Cosplay

Kat Sheridan is a professional cosplayer, RedKatCosplay on Facebook, or @KatKombat on the Twitter. This is her Red Sonja based on the Dynamite/Deviantart covers, not the Brigitte Nielsen movie.

12. Bojack Horseman

Fred Topel
Ryan Cabrillos as Bojack Horseman

If you haven’t seen Bojack Horseman on Netflix, you should binge watch it right now. It’s hilarious, and will make you appreciate Ryan Cabrillos wearing a horse mask, three-piece suit and backpack all weekend at Wondercon. Follow him @RyanCabrillos.

13. Zoidberg

Fred Topel
Elliott Hiroshigo as Dr. Zoidberg

Futurama‘s Dr. Zoidberg doing some shopping. When I asked to take his picture, he said, “Why not?” in the perfect Zoidberg voice. Real name Elliott Hiroshigo, you can find him on Instagram @Hicks64. A friend of his knitted the mask and gloves for him.

14. E.T. and Elliott

Fred Topel
E.T. and Elliott cosplay

So I said I like props, and in this case the prop is the entire costume. The kid had the easy part, just wearing a red hoodie and glasses. His mom told me that the full sized E.T. prop came from a friend. That’s more than just borrowing a cup of sugar!

15. Zorro and Chopper

Fred Topel
Kitty and Ella as Zorro and Chopper from One Piece

Canine cosplay with Kitty and Ella as Zorro and Chopper from One Piece. I’m not familiar with the anime, but I am an animal lover. Follow them on Instagram @IHEARTKITTYKABOOM.

16. R2-D2 and C-3PO

Fred Topel
John Johnson and Ben Hudson as R2-D2 and C-3PO

I once saw a woman wearing a TARDIS dress. I was reminded of her when I saw Jen Johnson and Ben Hudson. Johnson had made an R2-D2 dress for herself and a C-3PO vest for Hudson.

17. Professor Chaos and Mysterion

Fred Topel
Breana and Jamie as Professor Chaos and Mysterion

I love South Park so I appreciate the whimsy of choosing the South Park supervillain and his nemesis for cosplay. Breana went as Professor Chaos, alter ego of Butters, and I think had to do more work than little Leopold Stotch did on his costume. As Kenny’s alter ego Mysterion, Jamie got that question mark to float over her head. Follow them on Instagram @breble.

18. Looking Glass Wars

Fred Topel

This trio are from the series of books The Looking Glass Wars, a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. That’s Hatter M, Alyss and the Red Queen and yes, the Red Queen’s top is just painted on. That’s one way to get people to come to your booth!

19. Minecraft Kid

Fred Topel
Max Vargas in Minecraft cosplay

Max Vargas wanted to go as a Minecraft character, so his dad Luis built the costume. He bought the head in a store but made the arms and legs with boxes, tape and a color printer printing on shipping labels. Max seemed to be getting around fine it it, as long as Luis told him where the door was.

20. Deadpool

Fred Topel
Dustin of 2 Fresh Cosplay as Deadpool

The other half of 2 Fresh Cosplay is Dustin, who was probably very warm on the convention floor in full Deadpool regalia. In this shot he looks mad about that April Fools PG-13 prank.

21. Jiminy Cricket and Blue Fairy

Fred Topel
Once Upon A Time cosplay

If the Jiminy Cricket on Once Upon a Time looks half as good as this cosplay, I might have to start watching it. Lisa Colver (Twitter @lisacolver) made her Jiminy Cricket costume out of newspaper papier mache, and Lily Bhattacharyya sported Blue Fairy wings.

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