Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Full Shatner in 6-Minute Parody of His Career Highlights


Just ask the creators of Skynet – too much self-awareness can be a bad thing.

The best moments of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career are hilariously awesome not because he ever had much of a gift for comedy – but because he didn’t. He was always game for anything, but a large part of the appeal was either due to him not seeming to realize something like “Get to da choppa!” is funny, or, conversely, thinking something like “Put the cookie down!” is way funnier than it actually is, which brings it around to so-bad-it’s-great status.

So in this 6-minute run-through of all his memorable movie lines with James Corden, you can see him straining to “act” at first, and that’s a killer…but once Corden keeps hurling stuff at him and he’s forced to be in the moment and not think about it, he finally starts to warm up. I look forward to him at least trying to be unironic in Maggie.

via Yahoo Movies