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Nintendo, Canadian Yogurt Chain Team up to Make You Think About Eating Bodily Fluids



In Splatoon, squid people who can change form fire ink at each other, both by using weapons as humans and sucking up ink as squid. How exactly they PRODUCE the ink is never really explained…it’s just sort of there. Somehow this translates into a promoted swirled frozen yogurt flavor called Squid Ink at Yogurty’s and Yogen Fruz stores.

Now, squid ink itself can flavor savory foods, but as a dessert suggestion it’s up there with, let’s say, sardines. This “Squid Ink” flavor combines mango and strawberry, which is an odd mental juxtaposition, especially when you factor in the notion that the squid in the game become humanoid and, er, fire their ink at other players.

It seems like we’re in one of those movies like The Last Starfighter, only this time the game is preparing us for our inevitable transformation by Cthulhu. Or is that too much of a stretch?

Ask SlyDante777. He’s the one who told me.

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