Blu-ray Today: Daredevil’s Under the Boardwalk


It’s kind of a slow week for decent Blu-rays, so maybe now would be the time to check out Boardwalk Empire, today’s biggest-deal box set? True, prohibition-era gangster takes aren’t necessarily the stuff of geekdom, but now that we all love Charlie Cox as Daredevil, looking back at the show that includes him and General Zod (Shannon version) and Gollum, er, I mean Steve Buscemi, might be a fun journey.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2: Hotter & Wetter Unrated Cut – I seem to be one of the few fans of these movies; they’re like Back to the Future remakes without being official, with (mostly) middle-aged jerks in place of Marty McFly. I never felt that there were some amazing dirty jokes missing from what I saw, but maybe the director’s commentary will clarify. Also, now that we’re removed from the omnipresent TV ads, it might be possible to watch without constant major spoilers in mind.

Poltergeist III – Moving the suburban horror franchise to a skyscraper from the suburbs was a good idea, but young Heather O’Rourke’s terminal illness complicated things, leading to a rushed ending and a bad reception. Controversy still lingers over what happened with the last scenes – were there reshoots? Did all the crew want to quit when Heather died, or had they already finished? Don’t expect any of that to get addressed on this relatively sparse release, that comes available separately or in a 2-pack with part II.

Peter Benchley’s Creature – Craig T. Nelson and Kim Cattrall take on a rubber man-shark monster. Cattrall goes on to costar with it on a TV show called Sex and the City…is what I would say if I were a real jerk.

It! The Terror From Beyond Space – In space, nobody can hear you crib your storyline from a cheesy B-movie, but everyone knows this was a pretty blatant precursor to Alien. The biggest problem? The monster’s head did not look sufficiently like a penis with teeth.

Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro Man – In a movie that apparently existed to plug products not generally advertised on TV (Chelsea Field played “Virginia Slim,” while wrestler Big John Studd is “Jack Daniels” and Eloy Casados is “Jose Cuervo”), Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke play bikers in the near-future of 1996, who find themselves on the run after they accidentally steal some deadly drugs. Writer Don Michael Paul is presumably a man who loves the booze and smokes.

Stigmata – Weird religious thriller starring Patricia Arquette and centering on the Catholic church trying to suppress the Gospel of Thomas. Hardly worthy of a deluxe rerelease, but here it is with one anyhow.

Terminator 2 – It’s back…a little cheaper. If you didn’t have it already.

What’s on your list this week?