The Jem Movie Trailer Is Here, and It’s Awful


How awful? The phrase “Showtime, Synergy!” is now “showtime synergy,” to refer to actual synergy between bandmates at showtime. You know, like if they did a Star Trek movie and the engineer were named “Beam-Me-Up Scotty” because he likes moonbeams.

Oh, and Jem is her YouTube persona this time around. And they’re using it as a selling point that this is the director of the Justin Bieber movie.

It’s exclusively embedded at Buzzfeed.

To quote my wife: “Now I can understand why all the Transformers fanboys are so fuckin’ pissed off! Fuck you Jem! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! I am sorry to every fanboy I ever made fun of for saying the Transformers movies sucked!”

Hey, at least Michael Bay brought Peter Cullen back.