3-3/4″ Universal Monsters Figures Rise From the Grave at Comic-Con


Let’s get real: a lot of Funko’s 3-3/4 Reaction figures are lame in sculpt, and only sell because of the great packaging. The line that kicked it all off, Alien, was great because it was actually based on Kenner sculpts from the era.

But the Universal Monster figures were also a line from the time, and that makes them ultra-desirable next to contemporary lines that exist mainly as soapy sculpts to get around likeness issues. And just like last year’s Alien playset was a highlight of Comic-Con, this year the best-known monsters of moviedom introduce their mausoleum! For $65, own this marker of the mortuary, along with glowing translucent blue figure replicas of Frankenstein, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Wolfman and The Mummy! Much like toothpaste of the same color, they will fill the cavity in your heart.

And if that appeal isn’t Universal, well then, laying things out in black and white just won’t ever satisfy.