Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Walked Around Hollywood Pranking People as the Terminator


Hollywood Boulevard is regularly populated by people who make their living from dressing up in pop-culture costumes, posing for pictures, and rather insistently demanding “tips” afterward. Jack Sparrow and Spider-Man are favorites, but just about any iconic pop-culture figure shows up eventually, as embodied by a home-enhanced costume and (usually) an actor between gigs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to give it a go. And then he went into Madame Tussaud’s where he effectively pretended to be a waxwork and scared the shit out of kids posing with him. So to all the smartass critics who ever said he didn’t have enough range to play a waxwork, you’re wrong! He does have that range!

This short video is the best movie he has starred in in years.

h/t Jen Yamato