Is The CW Working On A Hawkgirl Show?

You’re damn right I’m going to go with a screen from Injustice.

SpoilerTV is reporting that The CW is in early stages of development on a Hawkgirl TV show spinning out of the yet-to-be-aired Legends of Tomorrow show, itself a spinoff of The Flash which built out of Arrow. That is just a biblical series of begats right there.

Normally, I don’t care for single-source rumors, but between the Arrow family and iZombie, I can’t really imagine how The CW isn’t going to try and fill 4 nights a week with more very successful (for them) superhero programming. And that brings us that much closer to my dream situation – a 24 hour DC TV network showing reruns of all their cartoons during the day, live action shows at night and movies on the weekends. Call me, network execs. It can be subscription if you want.