Deadpool Gets a Retro SECRET WARS Figure! (It’s 12 Inches, But Still)


Now this is a retro-style figure I can dig. Megos were a bit before my collecting time so I never had much affection for them – Secret Wars were the first Marvel figures I did own, and my first exposure to characters like Wolverine and Baron Zemo, who weren’t A-listers back in the day.

This Deadpool isn’t a full on tribute – they really should have given him the standard lenticular Secret Shield even if the inserts were just reprints from other characters – but perhaps the new head cost all the tooling bucks. He comes with the classic blaster that about half the old figures came packed with, and goes for the standard Gentle Giant blown-up reproduction price of $100. That’s not super-cheap, but it’s affordable enough that you’ll want to get your order in before Rob Liefeld buys them all. (Click the link in the text above for preorder info.)

via Toyark