What the Truck? Bearbricks and Pens That Transform Into Optimus Prime


Freedom is the right of all sentient beings…to change their outfits up every now and then. Michael Bay’s version may be content to simply go back and forth between flames and no-flames, flat roof versus curved, but the real Optimus is a leader who takes chances. And frankly, nobody would ever expect him to be a teddy bear, so I think he nailed it in the guise seen above.


I’m not to sure this pen is mightier than the laser sword, however, since, even unpainted, it’s quite apparent that it will look like a flattened and cubed truck, a disguise that most certainly cannot effectively “roll out” anything but pithy catchphrases on paper. But while the robot’s disguise is dubious, I must admit that I cannot figure out where the pen part disappears to when he converts.

There’s no word yet on how to get the Bearbrick, but the Primed pen can be preordered for $55.