Fallout 4 Gameplay, Free Minigame App, Yesterday’s Details Summarized


For those of you now saying, “Hey, Topless Robot! You FAIL for not having a Bethesda list this morning!” – you have a point. Many things were happening, I was away from my desk like a bad nerd, and I was working on something else that kinda fell through and didn’t pan out the way I’d hoped.

Fortunately, some of you were on top of the situation, and so here’s the bulk of the good stuff – Fallout 4 gameplay (yes, you can talk, you have a dog you can command, and the custom character creator is quite cool) and a free downloadable app in which you get to manage a shelter the way you want.

Thanks to Gallen Dugall for finding the following videos, that, as he puts it, contain all the important details in the presentation without all the fluff. Oh, and if you missed Tomorrowland in theaters, its basic gist is that you’re a bad person for liking games like this. Just so you know.