Hot Toys’ Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch Already Stole Ultron’s Heart…Your Turn!

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All this time, while the rest of the nerd world has been debating the relative dearth of Black Widow merchandise, Scarlet Witch fans have sat back with their full wallets and laughed, knowing that while Natasha does have the odd action figure and T-shirt, Wanda Maximoff got nada, because apparently if there’s one thing that merchandise licensees are more afraid of than established female characters, it’s new female characters.

Well, Wanda-ites, it’s time to loosen the purse strings, because here comes the only movie-based Scarlet Witch you’ll ever need, complete with removable energy swirls, multiple hands, and Ultron’s metal heart. If set photos from the next Marvel movie are to be believed, it’s not like her costume gets an upgrade any time soon, so at least the amount you shell out now should be worth something that stays current for a while.

Liz before Pietro. Bet you didn’t see that coming.