Marvel’s Hulk Officially Goes From “Incredible” to “Totally Awesome”


In a move that seems linguistically a couple of decades too late – why not “the Sick Hulk, Bro”? – Marvel is changing up both the adjective clause and the identity of the big green guy. Via press release:

“For decades, Dr. Bruce Banner has buckled under the weight of his fearsome alter ego, the Incredible Hulk,” Says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “Now, someone else is going to take away Banner’s burden, hoist it onto his frail shoulders like it weighs no more than a leaf, and embrace the pure fun being the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. It’s the Hulk like you’ve never seen him before: unleashed, unapologetic and totally awesome.”

Alonso adds that the change will be “grounded in the history of the character” – so just like how female Thor turned out to be the most obvious contender of all for the role, I’m gonna just go ahead and call this as Rick Jones, sans any evidence beyond his being the easiest choice.

Who do you think Totally Awesome Hulk will be? And do you think Marvel just saw that another company had green superheroes who say “awesome,” and wanted in on that deal? Hulk want pizza too? Why is the left hand blacked out? Who’s gonna do my laundry today?

So many questions.