That Reboot of The Crow Isn’t Actually Going to Happen, Is It?


I can’t say I’m sad. Much as the original movie departed from the comic, I don’t think it departed enough to require a whole new telling, and the Crow mythology allows for so much more than Eric Draven again. Like, if we really want to diversify superhero movies, this is one franchise that could easily do that (and has in the comics), but instead seems intent on succeeding racially mixed Asian-American Brandon Lee with a parade of thin, pale British guys.

Anyway, after a rotating door of multiple directors (F. Javier Gutierrez was the last to drop out) and lead actors (Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans were previously in negotiations), latest lead Jack Huston has dropped out…because of “scheduling issues.”

Good. Let’s keep this up. Time for another director rotation next…and on it goes.