WB Will Let New Line Handle Vertigo Comics Movies, if They Ever Make Any


In a move that would seem to suggest the cinematic universes will be kept separate, Warner Bros. is moving all Vertigo-inspired comic-book movie projects to its New Line division, responsible for all the Peter Jackson Tolkien movies, and gneerally giving filmmakers a bit more freedom.

For this to work, however, they actually have to make some Vertigo movies. And considering Constantine just got canceled on TV, and Preacher‘s going to AMC, what’s next? Well, there’s Sandman, which has been in development hell forever, and most recently has had Joseph Gordon-Levitt attached. There’s Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark, announced three years ago and nowhere near beginning shooting. A Swamp Thing reboot with modern special effects is something fans – by which I mean me – would like to see, but only with the budget to do it right, which is hard to obtain for a “mature” title.

Point is, this is all posturing for now, but I hope it means we’re one step closer to getting some DC movies that aren’t just about superheroes. Get it right, and it’s something that could be very different from the Marvel model.