The 25 Best Cosplays at New York Comic Con 2014

Jim Dandeneau

New York Comic Con 2014 has come and gone, and this year’s con was widely regarded as one of the best ever, and a huge part of that was the cosplay. Both in quality and in quantity, NYCC 2014 was a great con for cosplayers and cosplay fans. Here are 25 of our favorites.

A brief note: there were two criteria to get into this list.
A. Quality – me throwing on a Flash shirt doesn’t count as cosplay (or make a hell of a lot of sense, but that’s neither here nor there). There had to have been some effort put into it.
B. Originality – I had a friend when the con started who said “hey, let’s take a shot (out of the SNES cartridge flask he just bought on the floor) every time we see a Deadpool.” He spent Thursday night getting his stomach pumped.

So without further ado, Topless Robot’s Favorite Cosplayers from 2014!

1. King Tiger Eating a Cheeseburger

Jim Dandeneau

King Tiger Eating a Cheeseburger is the main villain (ish? Who knows with this comic) from Ryan Browne’s Axe Cop for misanthropes, God Hates Astronauts. This was by far the most absurd, obscure and, since I really, really love the comic, exciting cosplayer on the floor.

2. Mr. Fixit

Jim Dandeneau

This picture was taken right after he finished breaking Dr. Strange’s hand.

3. Psychos from Borderlands

Jim Dandeneau

Pretty sure I heard the one holding Claptrap start oontzing his techno song as they left.

4. Catwoman, Riddler and Poison Ivy

Jim Dandeneau

This would have been higher, but I think those were real plants on Ivy’s costume. Monster.

5. Gene, Tina and Louise

Jim Dandeneau

There were 5,000 Belcher kids at the con, but these three were the best I saw. They had the attitude down. Louise was furious at everyone who asked for a pic, and Gene was super enthusiastic about it.

6. Storm

Jim Dandeneau

She actually rolled her eyes into the back of her head when people took pictures of her. I asked her why she didn’t just get contacts. Her eyes went white again and I felt the hair on my arms stand up, so I politely skulked away.

7. Spider Gwen

Jim Dandeneau

There would have been 20,000 of these costumes too, if the design had been first seen more than a month ago. Going back to what I was saying in last week’s reviews, though, doesn’t this outfit look comfortable as hell? She made it herself and had to hunt for the materials, I’m sure, but it’s basically jeans and a cool looking hoodie.

This was a big year for Ms. and Captains Marvel. Here are a few of the best.

8. Marvels

Jim Dandeneau

If I heard correctly the woman on the left is a rocket scientist and the one on the right makes prosthetic limbs. Who run the world? NERDGIRLS.

9. Adam Warlock & Captain Marvel

Jim Dandeneau

I was enraged that Adam Warlock wasn’t carrying his cocoon around with him.

10. Groot

Jim Dandeneau

Groot was also popular, but he was really hard to do well. But I’m sure he does well hard. OH!

I’m so sorry.

11. Deathstroke and Ravager

Jim Dandeneau

I’m sure it wasn’t custom built, but damn that helmet was boss.

12. Bane

Jim Dandeneau

She then stood there fuming and staring at the Batman costumes for the next 15 minutes
13. Lemongrabs

Jim Dandeneau

Their costumes were UNACCEPTABLE.

14. Eren and Sasha from Attack on Titan, with Magneto and Professor X from X-Men: First Class

Jim Dandeneau

Attack on Titan cosplayers would have normally been excluded under the Deadpool rule, but for one thing with these folks: they had the most elaborate, best three dimensional maneuvering gear out of anyone there. :takes deep puff from inhaler:

15. Teen Titans

Jim Dandeneau

AND KITTEN AND SILKIE. I can’t believe that someone saw the old Teen Titans episodes with Killer Moth’s daughter in them and decided “that’s who I’m going to dress as for Con.” A+ for obscurity, and A+ for owning the costume.

Street Fighter
Usually the Street Fighter cosplayers at NYCC are the run of the mill Ryus, Kens, Chun Lis, a Blanka or two and the one good Vega cosplayer who’s always there. This year we got some deep cuts, though.

16. Cammy & Sakura

Jim Dandeneau

Sakura’s my jam in Street Fighter 4 (even though I am somewhere between “hot garbage” and “training dummy” with her online), so there was no way this pic wasn’t going to make it in.

17. Akuma & Evil Ryu

Jim Dandeneau

I’ve never seen a gender swapped Akuma anywhere outside of my imaginary Street Fighter fanshipping Tumblr, so I got uncomfortably excited when I realized that this was Evil Ryu with her and I could come up with a couple name for them. Evil Akuma is redundant, and Rykuma is just silly. Maybe Satsui No Hatrimony?

18. Ultron

Jim Dandeneau

Thankfully I saw him before I saw the Avengers 2 trailer, otherwise there would have been attempted hugs and maybe some tears of joy. And I would have tried to get him to give me his Vision head.

19. Red Lantern Mera & Black Lantern Wonder Woman

Jim Dandeneau

Extra credit for picking uncommon variant costumes, and double points for getting the contacts. Storm.

20. A normal Sunday on 11th Avenue.

Jim Dandeneau

I had to check my notes for a date on this, because I see a military jeep with a guy dressed as Captain America rolling through NYC at least once every couple of months. This town is weird.

21. Mojo Jojo

Jim Dandeneau

His costume was excellent. It was a very well done costume. It was made with a great deal of care. Many people liked it. He did a good job with it.

Saga was immensely popular as a group costume this year. I was also pleasantly surprised and genuinely impressed by the quality of Saga cosplayers’ costumes.

22. Upsher, Alana, Hazel, Marko and Izabel

Jim Dandeneau

Alana, Hazel and Marko were common costumes, but I didn’t see anybody but this group dressed as Upsher and Izabel. The helmet and Izabel’s pink intestines dangling below were great touches.

23. The Will & Lying Cat

Jim Dandeneau

This guy’s cape made me crazy jealous. I want a nice walking-around cape.

24. Prince Robot IV

Jim Dandeneau

This is the full body shot of the banner picture. The TV in his head was fully functional, which meant it was easy to find this guy on the floor. All you had to do was follow the crowds saying “whooah, no way!”

25. Ice Climbers

Jim Dandeneau

Right after I took this picture a kid dressed as Young Link started whacking them in the shins with his sword. I shouted “hey! You both suck,” and walked away.

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