Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Pinkie Pie, Defiance, Dark Shadows and More


Got questions? Martha Boyd has all sorts of answers. A desert-dweller, self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, former LAPD officer and widow to a Green Beret, she’s seen and heard things crazier than you’ve imagined. And is ready for whatever odd questions you have, so bring them on!

Hi all. Well, we made it thru Comic-Con. As you all know I was bumped on the site for the event. For those who went – hope you had a great time and left your money behind. Heavens knows all those poor companies need it. This year I understand that LYT had the best Internet connects ever. Yippi, and finally! I know he had a great time and would not miss it for the world. He has been doing Comic-Con since before I knew him.

I understand that last week (before the bump) someone (I have no clue and LYT will not tell me) got out of line in the question section. Thank you to all who came to my defense. I did not see the post, but I guess it was bad enough to have it removed. Thank you all again. The point of this section is just for us to have fun and to let me answer some questions, give some mom advice etc. Having raised a nerd and gotten a nerd for a son-in-law I have some ability to answer things that some of you may not want to ask your more mainstream folks or friends. I have met so many wonderful people the last couple of years on TR and it has been a lot of fun. I hope we can keep going into the future. If there is anything you would like me to cover etc just let me know and I will see what I can do.

Patch Ninetynine:
I enjoy Defiance on SyFy channel. It got me to thinking about some of their past series. BSG is the obvious hit series but they had a few others that I enjoyed.
Do you have SyFy favorites?

Unfortunately I don’t get SyFy channel – no cable in my area and I don’t have a dish. I heard they have re-run Dark Shadows which I love.

[LYT note: I enjoy Defiance and think she would too.]

I bought Julia a comic-con exclusive My Little Pony figure that was supposedly in collector-friendly packaging, where you can slip off the outer sleeve to see the toy inside. Yet the whole thing was shrink-wrapped, so she won’t take that off for fear of hurting the value., and is sad she can’t even see what’s inside. What should she do?

Darn the shrink wrap! I would probably take that off as it is not really part of the original packaging. However, a total purist will leave the shrink wrap on as it did come from the floor with it on. She needs the original box to be in mint condition. Are there any pictures online that shows what is inside? As I know she will never sell the item I would take off the shrink wrap and enjoy the prize. She is a lucky little duckie.

Did Batgirl ruin the Adam West TV show, or keep it going longer than it otherwise would have?

I for one loved Batgirl and I think it kept the show going a bit longer. The whole show is so tongue-in-cheek stupid that it is timeless and so much fun. Never could figure out why people never knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman they were so much alike. I guess everyone in Gotham in the 1960’s was just really dumb or on something. Yeah, that’s it -they were on something. After all ,it was the 1960’s.

Given the Pony jar-glass that Hasbro gave out at Comic-Con this year – do you think they were in on the joke, or that this was purely unintentional? And which is worse?

I’ll bet that some TR fan person at Hasbro marketing was totally in on the joke. I loved it and if you don’t know the joke it is just a great drinking glass for fans. For others it holds your drink etc and a special meaning. They are both terribly fun I think.

John Zoidberg:
Question: Will you show us some of your autographed Dark Shadows pictures that grace your hallway?


Totally – no problem. Have attached some for you. I took and over all picture and then some smaller groupings. The ones of J. Frid I got about 2 yrs before he died. I have only been to the convention in Los Angeles, but maybe someday I will get to the one in New York.


Patch Ninetynine:
Thanks for answers. I’ll have to try your coleslaw recipe

Sounds good – let us know how it turns out.

Nicnac Paddywack:

Do you have a bone to give to a dog. Cute handle. Anyway your question: Lord I’m hoping that top picture isn’t involved in the making of coleslaw

No, do not be afraid: the top pic last week had nothing to do with the coleslaw. It is the top of my pool with big raindrops falling. Nature was being a good gal and helped to fill my pool and water my trees that week. We so need the rain out here in the desert – so when we get rain I tend to take pictures. I love my above ground pool, it is only 4 ft deep but it is big enough to swim in it. I am hoping to build a small deck and set of stairs maybe this year to make it safer to get into and out rather than just using a ladder.

Gallen Dugall:
QUESTION! During his STO Twitch run Aron Eisenberg (DS9’s Nog) was talking about how happy he has been to have been involved with and continue to be involved with the Star Trek franchise, and about how baffling he found other actors’ desire to distance themselves from their past work.
Considering their job is professional make-believe why do you think so many actors are embarrassed about their past roles?

No idea. Frankly, the past jobs got them to where they are today and built the fan base that keeps them going. You always hope that you fans from one show will follow you to your new show and thus your base builds and hopefully you keep working longer. You can always check an actor’s IMDB and see the past work so it is going to show up – so I say just own it and be proud of what you have done. Your past work is your resume.


Well, people that is it for this week. It is amazing how fast the weeks go now a days. The weather folks are saying we may get some rain this weekend – we need it here in the desert. However it may derail an exclusive movie showing that I am going to. The event is being held outside. I get to go to The Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes. More on this next week, will keep you hanging until then. (Evil laugh).

Hey, remember that building that I showed you a few weeks ago with the pyramids outside? Well, I was by there the other day and it is for sale. You can have it for a small sum of $888 million. It comes with 136 AC of land and used to be the Wonder Valley post office. The interior is fantastic; all very modern.

So until next week be good to each other, and keep those questions heading my way. Huggs.

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