Hot Toys Have Gone Insane, Making 18-Foot, 1/6 Scale Millennium Falcon



The cockpit alone was nuts. An entire Falcon scaled to 12-inch figures is madness. Wonderful madness, but still. Let’s try to extrapolate the cost.

Regular 3-3/4 inch Star Wars figures are around $10, and the Hasbro-scale Falcon is $150. Let’s assume (a stretch, maybe, but why not) the same differential for Hot Toys.

Hot Toys figures are around $300 each. 15 times 300 is $4500. And somehow that still sounds like a lowball price when all is said and done. The prototype will be on display at Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong this week. If I have any readers going, please send me pics.

One of these days, Hot Toys are just going to sell an actual Batcave you can live in, aren’t they?