Play a Moby Dick Game as the White Whale…With Lasers!


Pequod is the sort of outside-the-box reimagining you’d think a movie would have done by now. Except maybe the lasers part.

A procedurally generated action game about a whale named Mobias trying to survive the onslaught of an obsessive captain named Ahab. Obtain items and add ons that make your whale more powerful. Fight through the waves of enemy ships, subs and airships until you are able to face Ahab’s ship the Pequod.


-5 different races with over 100 Enemies and Bosses

-Lots of different items and weapons

-A RPG stat system that includes Damage, Magic Damage, Luck, Speed and Madness
Shops, traps, sacrifice alters and more

I await a sequel in which the whale learns how to wear clothes, and then removes them. We can call it “Mobias Strip.”

via BoingBoing