Please Stop, Disney: Live-Action Origin Movie for Aladdin‘s Genie Announced

Here’s an exclusive first image…



I’m not necessarily opposed to a movie about a genie who gets trapped in a lamp. I’m opposed to a movie featuring a character who wasn’t a character at all, but Robin Williams playing Robin Williams with magic powers, being played by anybody BUT Robin Williams. Who is dead.

Genie will presumably be motion-capture anyway, since he’s made of blue vapor. But let’s say they pull a Batman Forever redux and cast Jim Carrey – how many blogs out there will immediately be OUTRAGED that a white guy is playing a Middle Eastern character? They could cast Ahmed Ahmed or Dean Obeidallah, but they won’t.

I see no way to win here. Creatively, culturally or otherwise. So please, Disney – just don’t do it. Or any of the other stupid prequel ideas you have,

(image via Blockbuster Costumes)