SDCC 2015 Day 3 Linkstorm

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Day 3 of Comic Con is in the books, and even though the buzz was about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Even Though The Movie Is Colored Like Mid-Evening and that bananas Deadpool trailer, there was a ton of other newsworthy stuff that happened that we didn’t have a chance to get to.

In case you missed them, Luke was all over the floor yesterday, scoring interviews with Hasbro, Marty Kroftt and Cesar Milan, the cast of Power Rangers: Dino Charge, and our Hall H correspondent (who somehow got the manacles off his legs. We’ll have to put in for more expensive locks next year) Bryce Abood. And don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Fantasy Sports from Nobrow in our last post tonight – don’t worry, I’ll tell you which one it is. Now on to the links!

LINE Webtoon

-Stan Lee rolled through the LINE Webtoon party on Saturday night (it was Sunday where I was HA I win on a technicality) after announcing a submission contest. LINE is a digital comic distribution service started a few years back by…basically Korean Google. They had announced new projects from Michelle Phan and Marc Silvestri right before con, and at the party, they announced a superhero submission contest where winners receive $30,000 and writing advice from Stan The Man. For more information, check out their web site.

-At this point, I’ve typed “SDCC 2015: New Trailer For…” so many times that the autofill on my computer ends it for me with “…buy a fucking thesaurus, Jim.” Anyway, we’ve got a sizzle reel for the new Vixen animated series from the CW. Every time I hear “sizzle reel” I get a little disappointed that it’s not a fishing pole that cooks the fish while you catch it. This show looks neat.

Dark Horse Comics

-I’m not sure I’d put my face that close to anything Fight Club branded (lest I get some sort of horrifying chemical burn. y’know), but Dark Horse is running a contest to win a free Fight Club 2 trade. All you have to do is grab one of these bookmarks, scratch, sniff, and correctly identify all five smells. To check and see if your comic shop has been sent these bookmarks, click here.

-And finally, here’s that giant Fox superhero selfie from last night.