SDCC 2015: Who Wants Free Comics? (A Contest!)

Nobrow Press

Remember how I promised some cool surprises? Well, today I bring you FREE STUFF!

To celebrate Nerd Prom, Nobrow has offered a free copy of their new comic Fantasy Sports for TR readers. This book is a combination of sports manga and Gauntlet – the story of a group of treasure hunters who, in order to escape with the loot from the latest tomb they’re plundering, have to beat an immeasurably powerful foe at his own game: basketball.

Head past the jump for the rules.

We’ll be posting up a storm all weekend with the biggest news and reveals out of Comic Con, and here’s how you can win your free book.

In the comments section of the final post about SDCC on Sunday, I want you to tell me what your favorite news coming out of Con was. Everyone who posts gets one entry, and everyone who wants to enter must post before 9:00 AM Eastern time on Tuesday, July 14th 2015. The winner will be randomly selected from that group of commenters.

Then on Wednesday, in my regular reviews column, I’ll announce the winner and how to claim your prize. And I’ll ALSO review Fantasy Sports, but let me give you a little taste: it’s awesome. This giveaway is open to folks anywhere in the world, so if you want to check this book out, make sure you hang around through the weekend.