SDCC 2015 Day 0 Link Roundup!


Happy Con Day 0! Here’s a quick roundup of some other stuff that happened yesterday.

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-Dr. Who joins the cast of next Lego game. Now you can hold x to repair your TARDIS as well as that wall, and that wall, and Cirith Ungol, and maybe build a bridge.

IDW Publishing

-IDW announced a new Back to the Future comic coming this fall from original screenwriter Bob Gale; John Barber from their Transformers comics; Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening from Ghostbusters; and Brent Schnoover, the artist on the upcoming Howling Commandos of SHIELD comic (and the recently concluded King: The Phantom book (which was awesome (PARENTHETICALHOLE NOOOOOOOOO))). The series has will having already inspired a countless number of poorly constructed verb tense jokes and petulant “where’s my hoverboard” tweets.


-Late to Comic-Con? It might be because some dick at United didn’t update their router’s firmware. Just click yes without reading anything like everybody else, guys.

Joe Jusko/Dynamite Entertainment

-A whole mess of announcements from Dynamite Entertainment yesterday, including a new creator-owned series from Rick Remender; the full creative team on Grumpy Cat; a new Sheena/Tarzan crossover; and Batroc Ze Lepair! but a good guy. And written by Kevin Eastman.


Variety is reporting that USA is giving out free Uber rides to their screening of Colony. The rides will be in appropriately branded military vehicles. I’m not one for victim blaming, but if you get into a military vehicle driven by an Uber driver…?_(?)_/?


-You might have noticed that we didn’t have any reviews up yesterday. That’s because ALL COMICS WERE EXCELLENT BUY THEM ALL. Kidding, I’m sure a bunch were crap. It’s because we’ve been consumed by Con this week, but we’ll be back to regularly scheduled reviews next week, and I miiiiight have some cool surprises for later this week coming up. Stay tuned.