You’ll Believe a Man Can Give Birth to a White Radish, in Chinese Hit Monster Hunt


Normally I’d say “Watch this trailer for China’s biggest movie ever before Hollywood remakes it!” but I have a tough time imagining how a film in which a pregnant man pops out a sentient baby radish that sucks his nipples is going to get greenlit over here.

Directed by one of the animators of Shrek, this is an odd beast indeed, opening with what looks like a propeller-powered pineapple drone that resembles a Plants vs. Zombies weapon, and continuing with blobby monsters that look like refugees from a Dreamworks cartoon.

The movie’s official synopsis, which is insanely long, can be read over at Slashfilm, but it also involves the radish baby being sold to a restaurant that uses monsters as ingredients. I guess the big question is whether eating an intelligent, pain-feeling radish is vegan.

Also, how many people will develop fetishes based on this movie?

via Slashfilm