Adi Shankar, Producer of All Those Bootleg Dark Reboots, Is Finally Doing One Officially


He’s done unofficial short movies featuring Venom, the Punisher, Judge Dredd and the Power Rangers, all grittier and more violent than the cinematic versions. He then told us that his movie The Voices was his dark and gritty take on a Garfield and Deadpool crossover. But now he finally has the rights to do an actual gritty reboot…and it’s Castlevania.

Shankar says his version will be an animated series that’s “super violent” and “dark, satirical, and after a decade of propaganda it will flip the vampire sub-genre on its head.” (Note this is close to what Tommy Wiseau says about his own proposed vampire movie, except Shankar is actually good at what he does.) In a brief interview with Collider, he also mentions that he wants the show to be “America’s first animated series for adults” (I can think of a few that beat him to it, like Todd McFarlane’s Spawn show on HBO, but whatever), it’ll be based on Castlevania III, and the music will be in a similar vein to the original games.

I give the guy props for doing what he likes. But I’m curious exactly what network he thinks will air his video-game-based Dracula cartoon for adults.

h/t Sly Dante