“Dead or Alive, I’ll Be Back” The EndoCop Action Figure Is Coming!


No, RoboCop did not have procreative sex with a T-X and pop this nightmare baby out – Murphy had his junk shot off and can’t do that (I’ve no idea what the T-X can or can’t do, since it utterly depends on what the plot calls for). This is the hybrid creation from the old Dark Horse RoboCop vs. Terminator comics, in which RoboCop himself begat Skynet by being the first true cyborg. Having rights to both movies’ toys and the mashup video game, NECA has now revealed a mock-up of the embodiment of mash-ups, along with the phrase “A new nightmare you might see in 2016.”

Well, it’s not like anyone wants more Genisys figures. And by “more” I mean “any.”