GIVEAWAY: Link’s Hylian Shield From


This Halloween, get high and rule…er, I mean, get HYRULE, with this shield to make your Zelda cosplay pop. You might say it’s the missing Link to giving your get-up some greatness. And you won’t even need Rupees to own it – you can win one for free.

Let’s make this one an art contest – create some Legend of Zelda fan art, of any kind (except pornography, please), host it on an image site like Flickr or Imgur, and post a link below in comments. The date of uploading on that site must be between now and the contest close date/time of Sept. 1st, 2015, at noon. Sheer drafting skill is not necessarily going to win the day; if you do stick figures with pointy hats and a really funny joke, I might choose that if the mood strikes me.

Please note also that this a shield for costuming, not a heavy prop replica to be used as any sort of actual shield. Ships to US and Canadian addresses, but potential Canadian winners would be responsible for paying postage fees, if any.