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Human Torch-Shaped Drone Is Set on Fire and Flies Around to Promote Fantastic 4



Fox and viral-video agency Thinkmodo are doing a good job here of hooking in the all-important Beavis demographic. A Human Torch drone that’s actually on fire…fire…FIRE! Hehehehehm heh heh!

The space it’s flying around is Nassau County’s Fire Service Academy, so don’t worry – no innocent neighborhoods were put at wanton risk just to market a superhero movie. The Denny’s menu probably harmed more people, in the end.

Ironically, this proves that a practical effects Human Torch is completely achievable, and looks better than the CG version shown in the trailers – though to be fair, trailers are often unfinished. It could be the coolest thing connected to the movie.

via Adweek

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