Now Beer Really Is the Breakfast of Champions, as General Mills Introduces “HefeWheaties”


Better get your whole grain…better drink some beer? Based on the superficial connections between General Mills and Fulton Brewery – they are both companies based in Minneapolis that use wheat – a co-branding of champions is happening. Says the president of Fulton, in the New York Times, “We’re not saying it’s a breakfast beer, but we’re not saying it’s not.”

I feel like they ought to put some championship bowlers’ pictures on the cans. Or maybe just Homer Simpson. HefeWheaties will be available just in the Twin Cities area for now, but if its popular, there’s talk of doing more with it.

We should note that this is not the first mass-packaged fusion of alcohol and cereal – Three Olives vodka has a flavor that they’re not allowed to officially say is Froot Loops, but it totally is, and it’s amazing. Holler at me when somebody realizes that Lucky Charms Irish Coffee is an insanely good idea.