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Pretty Much EVERY 3.75-Inch Star Wars: The Force Awakens Figure Has Been Revealed



Due to stores selling things early, the whole first wave of 3-3/4″ figures has been purchased at various venues around the country. For the benefit of those who still want to try to go in to stores on Sept. 4th absolutely cold, I’m going to keep major details below – I figure showing a Kylo Ren face is safe because obviously a Kylo Ren figure was coming. With the sheer amount of reveals and photos out there, though, I’ll be amazed if Hasbro still tries to keep it all a secret and doesn’t release better official pics.

The bad news for collectors is that these figures only have five points of articulation – it looks like Hasbro has made the clear choice that only figures aimed at collectors get the full range of poseability. I wouldn’t discount the chance that you’ll see some of these new characters get 3-3/4″ “Black” treatment later down the line, but how many will hold out for that?

The good news for those who want to avoid spoilers is that only two of the figures are characters I haven’t seen before, and neither is one of the major players we have yet to see (no Andy Serkis or Max von Sydow yet, in other words). Some are original trilogy icons, who look like repacks, albeit with a gimmick.


Shawn S. via Rebelscum
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The gimmick with these figures is that they come with oversized weapons that can combine to make small robots – a separate series of boxed 3-3/4 figures come with a large torso “armor” piece that functions as a mini-costume change.

And yeah, Captain Phasma is silver paint, not chrome. I’m just hoping the 6″ line are more in line with what I like.

Will you be picking any of these up come Sept. 4th?

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