The Black Widow Action Figure You’ve Been Looking for Comes out This Week


Diamond Select previously made the best Hawkeye movie figure from the first Avengers, and this week, their figure of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow hits comic-book stores. Expect her to be tough to find, since quantities were allotted before it became clear that she was the figure everybody felt had been neglected everywhere else, and there are no current plans to reissue her, although…

You may notice that her base looks like a display that’s been broken in half – the other half comes with a repackaged Dark World Thor, who previously came with half a base that connected to the Jane Foster figure’s display. So if you’re a fan who wanted a complete display for Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson figures, you’ve had to buy two of the same Thor. A Thor point for female figure fans, if you will.

BUT…it does prove that popular figures can get rereleased with the next movie, and Thor’s costume didn’t really change for Age of Ultron, unlike most of his teammates. So if Widow’s costume stays basically the same for the next movie and you miss out on her now, maybe don’t pay scalper prices immediately.