FINALLY Somebody Made a Segway In-Scale to Your 12-Inch Action Figures


The description is fabulous:

This 8 inch tall self-balancing scooter is in perfect scale to display your 1/6 figures as if they are traveling around town on it and comes with removable storage compartments, charging cable, and stickers.

Yes, I have often thought that my 12″ Alien, Predator and General Zod need to look as of they are traveling around town. It comes with what looks like a USB charger, but there’s no mention of whether or not it really works, and for $70 I wouldn’t assume it does, even if they are saving money by not actually calling it a Segway.

It also includes optional stickers that say “Police.” Okay, I can maybe see an Adam West figure onboard. Or dolls of former president Bush (either one), who has been known to enjoy a ride. Somehow I can’t see Rorschach enjoying his day on a motorized scooter so much (“Hrm. Self-balancing. Possibly communist in origin. Ran over cat’s tail 5 minutes ago. It meowed. Pussy.”)