Funko Makes a Deal With Bethesda: Fallout and Skyrim Legacy Figures Coming


There was some doubt that Funko’s detailed and articulated Legacy figure series would continue – reports of cheap plastic and breaking joints on the Rocketeer soured me on picking that one up, and they’re certainly more costly to make than Pop Vinyls, with actual likeness rights and such. Rumor had it they were thinking of just calling it quits on the style, but it looks like some Bethesda cash and a more streamlined blister card packaging have changed their minds.


So far they’ve announced two figures in each series: Fallout will also get the Lone Wanderer, and Skyrim the Daedric warrior (the official Funko blog has pics of those two also).

My only disappointment is that none of them features arrow-to-the-knee action. But glowing variants of the Fallout figures would seem like an obvious future exclusive.