Text-Projecting Necklace Lets You Literally Talk to the Hand


This is pretty much the definition of, “sounds cool, till you think it through.” Not that you ever actually looked that phrase up in Google or anything.

A “smart necklace” with a Bluetooth earpiece, the Miragii projects texts, or the name and number of who’s calling, onto your hand, and then allows you to respond with a wave or gesture. Which seems great, except for two things:

One – anyone looking over your shoulder can see the number of the person calling you. And let’s just say, hypothetically, that Abraxas’ Sex-A-Torium is calling you about a problem with the gag gift of a blow-up sheep you ordered for a friend’s bachelor party (These things happen, right? I have to ask because obviously I’ve never done any such thing. Obviously). Do you want that conversation to happen, or worse, not happen and turn into secret whispers?

Two – speaking of Sex-A-Torium, it doesn’t necessarily look like what I’d call “jewelry.”


But I’m not going to judge. If you want one, the Kickstarter is live right now.