This 1986 Masters of the Universe Toy-Store Event Makes Me Long for a Time Machine


Even though we now know 1986 was the last-ditch, death-throes year for Masters of the Universe as a toy line, it was also the year they went all out, with the Dolph Lundgren movie, the gigantic Eternia playset…and this elaborate in-store event that happened nationwide, featuring official cosplayers like Hordak above, an elaborate light-up display of all the newest toys, and finally, surprise holograms featuring live-action actors as He-Man and Skeletor.

The camera-work here isn’t great, but what do you expect from the bulky, over the shoulder consumer grade cameras of ’86? It was difficult¬†enough to find any evidence of this happening, but thanks to the memories of regular reader James Wilson, here is hard video proof.

Companies will probably never go this all-in on action figures again. Watch and weep.