Funko Rocky Horror 3.75″ Figures Revealed


My dad took me to see Rocky Horror as a stage play when I was in elementary school, and I literally watched the whole thing with most of the innuendo flying over my head, having no clue just how much of it was about same-sex seduction. Hell, it took me until a recent viewing of the televised stage version to finally realize exactly what Cousin Eddie’s role was. To young me, the surface text was still cool, about sci-fi aliens who just happen to wear non-traditional gender clothing, and frankly, I’m sure my dad would have happily bought me these toys to interact with Darth Vader and Destro, possibly to the shock of other parents who actually knew what the deal was withe the story.

As a bonus, the toy of “Asshole” Brad Majors can double as a cross-dressing Woody Allen in your toyroom adventures.


There’s one big omission in Funko’s ReAction line, though – the movie is, after all, called The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Rocky Horror himself is nowhere to be found. Dare we hope for a convention-exclusive lab playset?