Gods of Egypt Trailer Seems to Know How Bad Its Bluescreen and CGI Are, and Does Not Care


Imagine a cross between the Clash of the Titans remake, Stargate, and not giving a shit, and you apparently have Gods of Egypt. I’m actually somewhat impressed that they’re showing off all these really shaky effects and basically daring us to make fun (comments are actually DISABLED on YouTube).

Also, is that a WWE NXT logo on Anubis’ chest, above? Seriously.

I wonder when the actors finally see this, do they go, “Awww shit, I was imagining looking at something so much better”? Or is it more like, “Yay, I got a paycheck!”? If this thing does well, against all odds, maybe Hasbro will finally develop that Silverhawks movie three of you have possibly been clamoring for, when you think about Silverhawks at all.

Notice I didn’t point out how mostly white all these “Egyptians” are. This is because (a) other sites will go on way bigger rants about that than I ever could and (b) even engaging that point¬†strikes me as giving this movie more credit than it would appear to deserve, as something containing issues worth debating, like any thought was put into it whatsoever. Besides, I think this ends with a giant toothy vagina coming from the sky, and that automatically renders all your arguments irrelevant.

What happened to you, Alex Proyas?