Nightmare Fuel of the Day: A Man Caught Cancer From His Tapeworm

Tapeworms. They’re all fun and games and slimming, until one of them develops cancer, and its inhuman cancer cells start spreading through your body, and you die.

A CDC pathologist tells the Washington Post that it took dozens of tests to reveal the cause of the illness, and finding tapeworm DNA in the tumors was a huge surprise. “This is the first time we’ve seen parasite-derived cancer cells spreading within an individual,” he says. “This is a very unusual, very unique illness.” The Post notes that the study raises questions about what other parasites dwelling in the human body can develop — and spread — cancer.

Reached for comment, Agent Smith said this is exactly what he was trying to say about humanity in The Matrix. And you didn’t listen.

For additional bonus nightmares and gag reflex, click the photo credit above. But be forewarned that you really do not want to.

via Drudge Report