Sea Wars: A U.S. Navy Crew Remade the First The Force Awakens Teaser With Real Fighter Jets


The crew of the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower, evidently, are huge nerds.

Man, if I’d said that in the ’80s, I could have expected an ass-kicking immediately. Now, it’s a compliment and everyone knows it. Check out their shot-for-shot remake of that first teaser, using only stuff you find on an aircraft carrier…and, yeah, a couple of post-production effects. Unless Putin has real TIE fighters now.

Sing it, now:

In the Navy…You can learn to use the Force!

In the Navy…You can geek it up, of course!

In the Navy…You can make your own Star Wars!

In the Navy, in the Navy…

Feast your Naval gaze on this…