Krazy KRAMPUS Giveaway! Win a Christmas Sweater and Full-Body Costume of the Seasonal Demon!


We’ve long been obsessed with Germany’s uniquely dark take on the festive holiday character, from an article by Chris Ward that was so nice Rob reprinted it twice, to our pal Spooky Dan’s fixation on Krampus’ huge schlong. We do not, unfortunately,have the ability to enhance your own endowment in any way, but we can do the next best thing, by giving you a full-on Krampus costume along with a holiday sweater celebrating his habit of filling a sack with naughty kids.

Better yet, this contest is open to overseas readers! (With the caveat that you’ll have to handle additional shipping charges yourself if you win.) U.S. and Canada winners would still get free shipping.

I’ll give you two weeks for this one, and close it Dec. 18th at noon. To enter, I want you in comments below to create a new holiday-themed character, naughty or nice (he/she/it does not have to be based on a winter holiday). You can link to a picture you’ve done if you like, or just use words – sometimes simpler is better, sometimes not. No more than five entries per Facebook ID, please.

Note that these items are not affiliated with any Krampus movie, and do not spoil his surprise appearance in the one that’s out today.